Teaching Strategy

Teaching Strategy

We believe that parents are the first group of teachers in children’s lives. We treat parents as our partners and place emphasis on promoting parental education.

We strengthen the connection between the school and parents by regular communication with the parents about the children’s learning progress through various channels.

Our curriculum is designed to match with the interests, abilities, development and life experience of children, on a flexible step-by-step basis.

We select and integrate applicable elements from various teaching methods and concepts to develop a unique school-based teaching mode and curriculum.

Children are divided in groups according to their own preference, so as to develop the spirits of self-dependence, self-determination, self-discipline and self-love.

Teaching activities are carried out in the forms of classes, groups and under individual guidance.

We value meaningful writing, e.g. creative writing, story rewrites and daily life journals.

We trust the power of reading in opening the door of knowledge. Therefore, we are keen to cultivate the reading habit of children. We offer books of the following categories: books for children, books about parenting and academic books for teachers and parents.

We place emphasis on children’s diversified development, so as to improve their eight intelligences. To achieve this, we offer different activities, e.g. Multiple Intelligences Day.

We pay attention to teachers’ professional development and regularly carry out trainings for them to strengthen their professional communication skills. 

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable. It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.