Teaching objectives / Philosophy

Teaching objectives / Philosophy

1. Teaching objectives/ Vision

Follow the great mother spirit of St. Monica to nurture and develop children all-roundly.

Teach children a positive attitude and manner in order to develop their interests and potentials as to build the foundation of life-long learning.

Cultivate children with a positive and active philosophy of life; learn to take responsibility and be a good citizen in the community.

2. Teaching Philosophy [ Let children learn with initiative and happiness ]


We believe that every child is an individual with unique temperament. If educators can give appropriate stimulation and encouragement according to children’s interest, ability, developmental traits and life experience, their potential must be pleasantly developed.

Flexible and innovative thinking

We encourage children to actively explore, speculate, discover and clarify during the learning process, so as to cultivate a flexible mindset.

Positive thinking

We believe having a positive mindset can bring happiness and fulfilment in life. Therefore, through children’s interaction with the environment, peers, teachers and other adults, we can cultivate children’s attitudes of politeness, respect, appreciation, giving and gratitude. This helps developing the child’s positive outlook on life.

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable.
It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.