School Activities

The Parent-Child Christmas Ornament Design Competition

Exhibition of students’ creative works

We hope to boost students’ confidence, sense of belonging to the kindergarten and a culture of mutual appreciation through the setting of environment. Genuine assurance provides the perfect avenue for building up positive self-image, which in turn enables students to become more confident in completing tasks and develop a willingness for trying new things at heart.

  • We are currently displaying the toys produced by our K3 students individually or by mode of co-operation. Each work is accompanied by a brief description of the content and creative idea written by our teachers.
  • The works will be showcased on the shelves at the kindergarten’s front and back gates for students to admire.

Smart grower

The first batch of lettuce grown by students of K3B has been harvested. Students harvested the lettuce by hand. The lettuce was thenpassed to janitors for cooking and shared among our teaching staff. 

Inaddition, students of K3C &K2A have started planting the second batch of sprouts.They watered and added nutrient solution to the sprouts. Through daily observation, we hope that students could understand the growth process of plants and enjoy the fun associated with growing plants.

Multiple Intelligences Day

Children at the stage of kindergarten are more self-centered, conflicts may occur when they get in contact with children of a similar age. Therefore, we organize a “Multiple Intelligences Day” monthly in the second term of each year. Children of different ages will form groups of two to three and play games covering the eight intelligences. During the process, they have to help, respect, discuss and compromise with each other and learn from the games.

Lunar New Year Carnival

Lunar New Year is a traditional Chinese festival. This carnival is a family activity allowing children and their parents to make New Year decorations and food as well as write Fai Chun together. During the lion dance activity, participants can join the lion dance and play musical instruments to experience the festive atmosphere. The children will have the chance to understand the traditional customs of the Chinese New Year through games and welcome the new year ahead.

Lunar New Year Educational Fair

The fair is a learning activity joined by children of different ages. They wear Chinese traditional clothing and learn about the traditional culture through hands-on involvement. New Year items can be chosen and traded by students in real currency. In addition, they learn to get along with their peers, take care of each other and accept different opinions. Our goal is to cultivate independence, self-determination, self-discipline and self-learning.

Autumn School Picnic

The School Picnic is large-scale family activity that has about 600 participants each year. We can get in touch with the nature and spend a wonderful day with our children. During the picnic, apart from playing group activities with teachers and classmates, children can also interact with small animals and make handicrafts. In this way, they can accumulate life experience and learn from the games.

Christmas Charity Carnival

This is a traditional activity in our school in which families can have fun and do charitable work at the same time. Thanks to the cooperation, dedication and support from our parents, PTA members, parent volunteers and teachers, in addition to the item donation from parents, this event is run smoothly every year. With the help of parent volunteers, participants can experience the festive and warm atmosphere during the charity sale, gaming and photo shooting. The involvement of parents is a sincere spread of love and joy to everyone like Santa Claus does.

Family Fun Day

Parents can spend half of a day with their children and put aside their busy work. They can express their love and have fun together. Every smiling face represents their enjoyment. At the same time, children can learn sportsmanship from their parents and have a blissful moment.

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable.
It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.