Parent’s testimony

Parent’s testimony

K3A Graduate Cheung Kiu’s Parent

One can’t change the direction of wind, but one can adjust the sails to always reach the destination. I guess other parents will probably struggle as much as I did on nourishing their children. As I am a high school teacher, I was naturally confident to steer and pass my knowledge onto my two children who were studying at St. Monica. Yet, my professional skills and knowledge failed to yield fruitful results.  When I was very confused and puzzled what’d gone wrong, the principal and teachers of St. Monica dawned on me the way of joyful learning and healthy growing.

When my daughter studied K3, the school often invited parents to participate in various activities. Some of them were related to filial piety with teaching materials provided. I trusted parents would be glad to see their children learning this virtue. Thus, I was happy to accompany my children in further their reading. I thought I had done a fantastic job.  I was however not aiming high! The school principal invited me to take part in an activity entitled “A Touch from Sole to Soul”.  Parents kicked start to serve their elders on massaging their feet. After that, children would do the same to their own parents. Tears ran down my cheek when my daughter massaged my feet. Seeing her to serve me so willingly made me understand the true meaning and importance of walk your talk. My wholehearted thanks to the principal!

When my son was promoted to K3, the school invited me to some parental courses. I still clearly remembered that very question “Which two would you choose to be with your child? Money, achievements, health or happiness?” More than80% of the parents chose happiness and health. The teacher then asked,“Are the time and money you spent on your children commensurate on your goal and would finally lead them to happiness and health?” Dead silence! I got it! This kind reminder is still lingering in my mind. 

At a school carnival our family joined, we were eagerly queuing for a booth with games easy to play and lots of wonderful prizes. Unfortunately, my son failed to win any prize. I immediately shouted,” It’s a piece of cake! Why you fail to win a gift? What a shame!” A staff of St. Monica overheard us and remarked “You folks were very successful indeed!” I was puzzled. What was she talking about? We could not even get a prize. She continued, “You all just had good time together and enjoyed a lot of fun. The game was interesting as well, wasn’t it?” My son immediately responded, “Yes! It’s a lot of fun!” He was aiming really high and beyond the prizes. 

Thanks to St. Monica for I was enlightened!

Wish all children and parents happy learning and healthy journey ahead.

K3B Graduate Chan Wan Ching’s Parent

As times flies, my daughter is going to graduate and a new phase of life – Primary School – is waiting for her. I still remember her first day of K1, when I took her to St. Monica. She held my hand with anticipation to a brand-new place. The principal and teachers stood at the entrance of this big family and welcomed students with a smile. It made us feel warm. A few days later, my daughter was already attracted by this caring environment. Every afternoon, she walked into her classroom happily and briskly like a birdie. Kindergarten is the first school in children’s life and also the second home for them. It is the place for children to receive enlightening education and a paradise for their healthy growth. Since my daughter joined this family at the age of three, I was able to witness her changes and improvements in the past three years. St. Monica’s Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Tsuen Wan) has made her a little angel who is brave in trying and accepting challenges, understands the meaning of sharing and respect, as well as taking the initiative to recognize others’ needs and care for them. In the daily curriculum, students can cultivate self-care abilities, various applied skills, positive thinking, problem-solving abilities and good moral standard. I am sure that our teachers have devoted a lot for the children. Despite their heavy workload, teachers always actively discussed and reviewed our daughter’s performance at school with us, so as to achieve the goal of “Family & School stands as one” to nurture children. The school also offers different learning opportunities for parents, for instance, workshops and seminars. My husband and I were honored to participate in the first “Sunshine Parents Workshop”. Under the guidance of the principal and school officers, we improved our parenting qualities and learnt how to face our children’s behavioral problems with a positive, gentle yet firm attitude. We had a great lesson. 

As our daughter’s parents, my husband and I are proud of what she has gained from St. Monica. I believe every child will make great efforts to live up to the teachers’ ardent expectations under their guidance. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the staff for bringing rich and colourful memories to every K3 student in the kindergarten. 

K3C Graduate Wong Pak Kuen’s Parent

Dear Principal, teachers, parents and students:

Hello everyone! I’m the mother of K3C graduate Wong Pak Kuen.

Back in the days when my son was around one year old, he has been accompanying his second elder brother to school every day. St. Monica’s Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Tsuen Wan) was the school he was looking forward to attend.

I still remember his first day of K1, he put on his uniform and carried his schoolbag, stood very straight and confidently started his first phase of learning at St. Monica.

From K1 and K2 to K3, in the blink of an eye, he graduated! Thanks to the three years at this school, he could grow up in a joyous learning environment. There was a day when I came home from work and my two sons were singing the school hymn “I love St. Monica’s, with smiles and laughter, grow up happily together, in this warm St. 

Monica’s…”. It made me feel that their lives in the kindergarten were exactly the same as in the lyrics. It has clearly been shown in just four sentences.

I hope that under the leadership of Miss Wong, the Principal, the school will continue to nurture the children with love and let them thrive. I also wish all of the graduates a promising future.

K3D Graduate Ho Tsz Ting’s Parent

Thanks to the Principal who accepted my daughter’s enrolment in St. Monica’s Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Tsuen Wan), she was able to grow up in a kindergarten full of love and smiles. Recently, due to the pandemic, my daughter missed Ms. Chan and her classmates a lot. As her mother, I also felt pity that she missed out on many wonderful kindergarten memories in K3.

Looking back to the days when my daughter was in K1, her class taechers Ms. Ho and Ms. Lam always welcomed the children with a smile, bent down and hugged them once they entered the classroom. My daughter soon enjoyed attending school. In K2, my daughter had severe skin problem (Eczema) and always felt itchy during classes. Thanks to the understanding and care from Ms. Wong, she soon turned optimistic. In the first term of K3, my daughter was excited to make glutinous rice balls and dumplings at school. She even brought some chocolate flavored balls for me to try. I took the risk of having stomachache and ate them all. All these moments have become the blissful memories of her childhood.

I appreciate the school’s efforts in organizing different activities the most, for instance, the yearly Christmas Charity Sale, Lunar New Year Carnival, Multiple Intelligences Day, etc. All children enjoyed themselves very much. I particularly valued the lesson Observation Day each year as the Principal’s words are worth parents’ reflection and learning. She always reminds us that moral cultivation is more important than academic achievements. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to the Principal, teachers and janitors for their hard work and nurturing. They are the true influencers of life. Thank you. 🙏

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