Request form:

Visit us or visit our website to download
Submit application form:Visit us or post it (please make sure the postage is sufficient)
Registery fee:HK$40 Cash/ Cheque *  Check Payable: “St. Monica’s Anglo- Chinese Kindergarten (Tsuen Wan)”* Please write down the name of the child on the back of the cheque.

Registration form:

1) Enrollment Form2) New Student Application Information3) Interview Questionnaire for new student
Deadline for registration:Early November,2021 (without the quota)After the application form has been received, we will send an email to the parents.

Interview notification method:

We will inform parents about the date, time and other details of your child’s interview.* Please ensure that you have attached four return envelopes.

Interview schedule notice:

The “Interview Arrangement Notice” will be sent in early November 2020 by post.
Related documents:

1)A copy of the birth certificate

2) Health pin card copy (face, bottom)

3)One photo (please post on the application form)

Return four envelopes with the address and sufficient postage ($4 each) .

Please write down the name of the child on the envelope covers.

Other information:

>Parents must apply to the Education Bureau for the 2022/23 school year ” Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission.”

>In addition to letters, we will also send out information to parents via email.

* Please ensure that you include a valid e-mail addresses.

>After the interview, we will announce the results of the admission in mid-December 2021.