Member Introduction

Chairperson – Christina (mother of 張梓朗 from K2C)

Hello everyone. I am Christina, mom of 張梓朗 from K2C. I am so glad to see all of you in this big family of parent-teacher association. Please feel free to say hi to me whenever you see me around.

It has been five years since I became part of St. Monica, with both my daughter and son studying here.

I have always admired the teaching philosophy of the school, which emphasizes on student-centred learning and positive thinking. It encourages students to develop and utilise their potentials on top of a joyous school life.

Both my children love this school and the teachers here. They enjoy their school life every day and are excited to share with me their experiences at school.

I am convinced that family education and parent-school cooperation are as essential as the school’s effort in nurturing our children. When parents do share the values and vision of the school, we can work together to raise up children of love.

I wholeheartedly hope that in the coming year our association can serve as a bridge of communication between the school and fellow parents. Let us all work together to create a loving learning environment for our children.

Treasurer – Mindy (mother of 舒媛 from K2B)

Hi everyone. I am Mindy, mother of 舒媛 from K2B. I am glad that I can become part of the PTA. I hope that our work here can foster the relationship between the school and parents. I believe that our interaction can make our children’s school life more fruitful.

Secretary – 翁仔 (Mother of葉栩言 from K3A)

It is my honour to be a part of the PTA this year. 

After joining the PTA, I realise that there is a lot of preparation and communication between the teachers, chairperson and committees behind every school activity. I am deeply impressed by the sacrifices made by the teaching staff and our committees. As for me, I hope I can contribute as much as I can in this association so as to create a more enjoyable learning environment for our children.

Recreation – Crystal (mother of 黃晉 from K1B)

Hello everyone. I am the mother of 黃晉from K1B. I am glad to be one of the committees of the 21st Parent-Teacher Association. In this most challenging year, I hope to grow stronger with all of you and create a better future together. Let’s demonstrate the “Hong Kong Spirit” and overcome any obstacles in front of us. With faith in our hearts, we shall achieve our ideal. Thank you.

General Affairs – 黃嘉敏Karmen (mother of 黃冠傑from K2B)

My son joined St. Monica last year as a K1 student, and as a new parent I knew very little about children education. I am grateful that the school has organised numerous activities for parents, like “Parents’ Stories”, “Sunshine Parents” and “Parent Volunteer Programme” , from which I have learnt much about parenting.

It is a privilege to be elected as one of the PTA committees this year, and I hope to serve as a bridge of communication between the school and our fellow parents. I also hope that we can continue organising different activities for parents and children in spite of the pandemic. We need to cheer for each other in times like this, and I hope every parent can support our PTA activities, too!

Communication – Joel Cheung (father of 張璈弘 from K1B and 張璈弦 from K3B)

This year is my second term in the parent-teacher association, and it is an honour to be here again. Last year we could not achieve as much as we wanted to because of the pandemic, so I hope we can all contribute more to the school in this coming year. I want to take this chance to thank our teachers for working restlessly in the midst of all the challenges. We parents know the sacrifices you have made to nurture our children, and we are deeply grateful for that.

Communication – Jan (father of 方睿正 from K1B)

Last year, the pandemic came suddenly and mercilessly, destroying plans made by the principal and teachers. The good news is that the school reacted quickly and brilliantly to make sure that our children were taken care of. Without a doubt, it takes wisdom and hard work to implement new strategies when everyone was caught by surprise. And isn’t it exactly what we want our children to learn here: persistence, resilience and adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges? These qualities are what we and our children need.

The reason why I join the PTA is simple: I want to support the school with my action. Let’s work together and rise to the challenges ahead!

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable.
It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.