K3 Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme

When children are promoted to K3, they feel that they have grown up and their abilities have been improved. They start to know how to help their peers and take care of the younger children. Hence, in the scheme, K3 children will learn how to take care of the younger ones, understand their needs and feelings and provide appropriate assistance. Children are not only expected to realize their own ability growth, but also establish self-identity. On the one hand, they can learn to provide appropriate assistance to others, and on the other hand, they can build up self-confidence through the process.

Chinese Chess Day

Chinese chess is an activity originated in the traditional Chinese culture. It improves the development of children’s brains and mindset. Through learning chess terms and the rules of playing the game, children can develop patience, concentration and problem-solving skills. They are willing to persist and think during the game, from which they find satisfaction and cultivate personal interest.

Scrumptious Dumplings

In this theme, children can explore the Chinese food “dumplings” and ways of making it. The children with their peers, teachers and parents can show mutual care for each other as well.

The children invite their parents to school to participate in the “Dumpling Sharing Session” and share with them what they prepared. During the event, the children play the role of a host, they get to experience taking care of others’ hardships and feelings, so as to understand parents’ hard work in working and taking care of them. They also learn to be considerate and care for others, do the best of what they can as well as explore the growth of their abilities in obtaining the sense of satisfaction.

Through gaining their own experience, it deepens children’s impression and lays a foundation for the cultivation of a caring attitude. It encourages them to have a positive outlook on life.

New Year Reunion Dinner

Having a reunion dinner is a Chinese tradition. Chinese people will have it that on New Year’s Eve to feel the festive atmosphere. Most dishes of the reunion dinner imply positive meanings.  The children will use a worksheet to design a dish, prepare it with family members and bring it to school for introduction and sharing. The children can learn to share food and build an environment filled with love.

Role-playing as Parents

In order to let children recognize the growth of their abilities, we organize this activity for them to learn the ways of taking care of babies and understand parents’ hardship in raising them. Children will use baby dolls as the props for role-play and take care of them all day long, so as to understand the parents’ contribution and hardship in taking care of them.

Visit to Hong Kong Museum of History

Paying a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History can let the children understand Chinese traditional culture and festivals e.g. Chinese opera, Cheung Chau Bun Festival, traditional marriage, etc. In addition, they can experience at the appearance of Hong Kong in the past and learn more about live in the past e.g. shops, living environment, lives of Tanka people, etc.

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable.
It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.