Christmas Caroling

As Christmas approaches, our little angels from all K1 classes put on Christmas head bands. Led by our teachers, they will sing Christmas carols for passers-by outside the kindergarten in order to share love and happiness. Through this activity, children can understand that Christmas is not just a holiday but also a day to share love and care with their family, friends and other people.

Experience the Cold Weather Outdoors

As weather is turning cold, children begin to wear various kinds of winter clothing, but they have no idea what their names and functions are. Hence, at the start of this activity, teachers will bring children outside to feel the cold weather and observe people’s clothing. This helps them to acquire a better understanding of the features of winter. Children will also learn to record people’s winter clothing during the process.

Going out to buy “Fai Chun”

When Lunar New Year is coming, children will find that the school and shopping malls are decorated with many red items. They all like the patterns on “Fai Chun” and say that they have seen these decorations on the door at home. To deepen their impression and learning experience, teachers will bring them to the shopping mall nearby to purchase “Fai Chun”. The children can choose their favorite “Fai Chun” and purchase it on their own. All of them feel very happy afterwards.

Tempting Scrambled Eggs

Wow! The aroma of eggs fills my nostrils. Under the guidance of our teachers, children will turn into little chefs and devote themselves to cooking. From cracking and beating the eggs to pouring them into a pan for frying and turning by spatula, they do these all by themselves. This experience teaches children about the characteristics of the egg appearance and different ways of cooking it, etc. After frying the eggs, students can no longer wait to taste the food they made and enjoy it very much. Even those who do not like eggs are also willing to give it a try. Haha! Isn’t the self-made food tastier? The teachers are happy as well and see the children’s smiles with satisfaction.

Chinese traditional clothing catwalk show

To provide a chance for children to stand on stage and appreciate their classmates’ costumes, our school holds a “Chinese Costumes Catwalk Show”. Students can show their clothing on stage, bravely introduce themselves and strike poses. It is worth praising the children for standing on stage with such confidence!

Making Strawberry Jam

In the theme of fruit, we lead children to explore the variety of fruits based on their life experience. When the teacher mentions this topic, children are all very happy to share with their peers that what kind of fruits they like the most. The teachers also accompany them to make strawberry jam. The children carefully pick out the leaves, rinse the strawberries and cut them into slices. When the jam is ready, the children will make sandwiches wholeheartedly and share them with their parents. It is such a warm and lovely moment.

Dream is the steadfast belief in oneself, the desire to accomplish one’s ideal with persistence unquenchable.
It is the greatest asset for anyone who possesses it.