Integrated Services( On-site Support Services , Social worker )

Integrated Service – On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

Our “On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services” are provided by The Spastics Association of Hong Kong. The program includes a full range of supporting services for children with special needs. The professional team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and special education teachers. They will assess, observe and train children with special needs at school. In addition, psychologists will provide case support to our school to help teachers and parents to guide their children during the learning process.

Integrated Service – School Social Worker

A social worker is stationed at school on Wednesdays and Fridays to provide parents with personal emotion and parenting consultation and counselling services. The social worker will also hold parent-child and parent workshops regularly to help parents understand the needs of their children as they grow up. In addition, children’s games and activities will be provided to help families and students in need.

Integrated Service – Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children(English)

 The kindergarten employs different stategies to support non-Chinese speaking children (English) in learning Chinese.The strategies , which include stories, diverse teaching games, individual assistance and regular in-class observation by coordinating personnel, aim to encourage non-Chinese.

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